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I seek to restore and maintain optimum health through a holistic approach, from lifestyle to hormones and from diet to mindfulness

Since starting the Dulse and Glandular System my goiter has gone down tremendously…even my co-worker noticed.


OMG!!!! I am at my doctor’s office. I’m down 10lbs!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!


I weigh in on Wednesdays and today I am down another 3 lbs. That is 42 lbs since I started counting. Very grateful Dr T.


Weigh in day!I reached my goal, down another 3 lbs.  Blood sugars are coming down too!


I will say that I am now 10 to 11 pounds from where my Dr. wants me to be.It did help me to continue to listen to my body to recognize whether I am hungry or is it one of the many other things that we call hunger.


Thank you so much Tabatha Carr for all your guidance on my journey health wise and spiritual wise appreciate you so very much. I lost 15lbs and was well needed. May God continue to blessed you abundantly always


I really feel so much better. Stomach issues are so much better. Thank you Dr. T


I have been changed! Dr. T, I am Grateful for your obedience and surrendering yourself to be a vessel for our blessing! May your cup run over, may you need for nothing and have enough to be generous! Amen!


14 .7 pounds down, whoop whoop thank God!! I am going to continue because my Spirit man has taken a giant leap in the Spirit praise God….


Praise God! A wonderful and enlightening journey. So thankful! Healthier choices and clarity!


I have gained more confidence in knowing I can rock this out and not be scared to try something new, and if I fall one day (which I never cheated lol) it’s ok, just get up and dust myself off and move on, because tomorrow is a new day.I want to first thank Dr.T, who I have known since we were kids, for leading the way and showing us that we are God’s temple and it’s so important to take care of what our Lord has given us and being so encouraging throughout these 21 days. I don’t see my Dr. until next month, but I have lost 10 lbs, my blood sugar has been pretty normal, (hoping to be able to go off diabetic meds next month) I have more energy and sleep has been wonderful!!!


I didn’t think I would like this, but I really have enjoyed this way of eating. I have lost 7lbs and a few inches in my waist. But more importantly, I was able to focus more on my walk with God. Discipline has always been a struggle for me, but it always yields great things.


Enjoyed this 21 Day fast. Did my walk around the Ball park and I had a Player tell me I am getting Smaller.


Thank you, Tabatha, for guiding us through these past 21days. I’m sure that several of us didn’t expect to actually finish, myself included, however I did,as did most of us and I feel absolutely rejuvenated!God bless and grant you strength in your future endeavors.


I feel like I’m 18 rather than going on 48.With the new year and the fast I was expecting and hoping for some new things. As a result, He is moving in my marriage.But this was totally unexpected and reminds me that God is completely amazing.


You Rock and we love you Dr. T


On the 21 Day Fast,I lost 13 pounds


On the 21 Day Fast, I lost 17.5 lbs


On the 21 Day Fast, I lost 10 lbs


On the 21 Day Fast, I lost 15 pounds


On the 21 Day Fast, I lost I lost 11 pounds


On the 21 Day Fast, I lost 9 lbs.



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  • Vitamin D3 deficiency: increased insulin; visceral fat

  • TSH elevated: low thyroid, low metabolic rate, weight gain